How To Rent


If you are a first time renter or have not rented from Dc-Camera within the last year, we need this information: * Rental Agreement * Credit Card Authorization * Certificate of Insurance, or our No Insurance Agreement (for value below 5,000 dollars). These forms are located on the RENTAL FORMS tab located at the top of the page. In creating new accounts, we may request additional information such as business/trade references, especially other rental houses you have done business with previously. We may require a deposit to hold against the value of the equipment which will be refunded shortly after the successful return of gear. The deposit amount is dependent on gear type and value at the discretion of the manager.


Accidents or thefts always happen when you least expect it. Insurance protects YOU because you are responsible for the kit once you walk out our door. We do offer an uninsured option for gear valued under 5,000 dollars. However, you will still be held responsible for loss/damage personally without the aid of an insurance company. Please visit the RENTAL POLICY tab for more detailed information.


It is in your best interest to send us your equipment request list as soon as possible. Same-day rentals (or within 24 hours of pickup day) are subject to an additional Expedite Fee. Browse the equipment category navigation tabs and add the desired item to your request "List" which is gathered in the cart. NOTE: The Shopping Cart will tally your total based on ONE-day rental only. Multiply the quoted fee by the total number of rental days if you plan to rent (or use) on multiple days. Dc-Camera offers 3-day rentals (multiply quotes by 3) for one week away. Weekend rentals are tallied as one rental day. Discounts for multiple weeks/months are at the discretion of the manager. Please use our Cart's tally function to change and check with your crew etc., and then "submit" for inventory check and reservation only when you are ready. If there are additional considerations relative to the pick up and drop off dates, then include this information in the comments box. A "Pickup Day" is after 3 pm the day prior to your shoot and "Drop off Day" is before 10:30 am the day after your shoot. There is no charge for the days on which gear is picked up and dropped off (unless you are using the gear on those days) this allows you full days to film/shoot your project.

Contact us if there is any confusion about these issues. Once you "submit" for reservation we will contact you within a few hours of receiving your emailed "Cart" list with gear availability based on the dates you provide. You do NOT have an automatic reservation when submitting a cart reservation request. Dc Camera staff will get back to you with availability ASAP and you will then be given an opportunity to confirm the reservation. Please note we are located in Virginia and 6% sales tax will be added to your total unless you provide a valid tax exempt certificate issued by Virginia.