Our Company


Dc-camera does it all! We can supply the largest movies and TV programs visiting the region, local corporate videos, political campaigns, music videos, weddings and special events. From Arri Alexa, Red Helium, the latest gimbals, wireless systems, and lighting/grip . . . it is very likely that we will have exactly what you need or a worthy substitute. We also carry a decent supply of expendables, from gaffer’s tape to gels and seamless paper.


Erich Roland

Erich began working in his teens as A.C. and lighting grip with an eye towards the visual as his passion was B&W still photography. Eventually Erich worked his way into shooting long form documentaries and operating 10+ years as a steadicam/operator in movies and television. In 2004 Erich bought his first HD Varicam package. One camera and lens led to the next and Dc-Camera was born. Each year the inventory/staff has grown and 13 years later we are near if not the largest Mid Atlantic rental facility between New York and Atlanta.


Kyle Pallansch

Kyle came to Dc-Camera as an intern in 2014 and we've watched him grow and help whip the company into a fine-tuned operation. Kyle is a graduate of Full Sail University and grew up here in Northern Virginia. You can’t miss his good humor (and stylish hairdo). Along with his very capable staff, Kyle can take care of your needs. Please feel comfortable engaging any member of the staff who answers the phone.