ARRI Alexa Mini

The newest Arri Alexa Mini Rental comes in a new form factor called the “Mini”. As the name implies this camera by comparison is quite small and very lite weight with its carbon fiber body, which weighs about 5 pounds. The Mini uses C-fast media cards for recording and one can choose from a variety of resolutions and record codecs, including Arri Raw when upgrading the Raw license, and the popular Pro-res record codec. Also the 4×3 Anamorphic record ability requires a license upgrade.

Arri went all out when the designed this one, where you can leave your expensive filters behind, even the matt box, because this camera has internal ND filters in (2) stop increments, ND-6, ND-12, ND-18. In addition the Arri Alexa Mini Rental offers both PL lens mount or the Canon EF mount option. Lastly I want to share that this camera will run up to 200 fps without extra licenses or add-on recorders, its all internal!

This Camera is so lite and small its become very popular for Movi work as well as long jibs, steadicam, and even Drones!